Mould construction up to 75 metres in length.

Mould construction − we have the parts to make the whole.

SCHÜTZ COMPOSITES produces moulds ranging from RTM or die-cast parts measuring only a few millimetres through to rotor blades of up to 75 metres in length. Each individual design corresponds to the relevant application.

Small mould formats are manufactured directly out of metal or plastic as “direct tooling” solutions, while tools for large components are produced from fibre-reinforced composite materials. We utilise the very highest standards of vacuum-infusion technology for these processes with the aid of VAP technology. The use of laser projection technology in combination with our own pre-cut fibre parts enables us to work quickly and very precisely.

The dosing systems used in these processes are fitted with in-line degassing devices and technologies for the redundant and continuous monitoring of the mixing ratios. Moulds can be heated according to customer specifications using electrical or water-heated systems with an output of up to 2 kW/m2. Additionally, we offer mould-cooling systems for GFK moulds which can achieve cooling rates of up to 0.7 K/min after tempering.

Complete control
for the highest precision.

In the area of mould manufacturing, we check the vacuum integrity, degree of crosslinking and contour accuracy across the different process steps in accordance with the very highest standards. The special thing about SCHÜTZ COMPOSITES is that the company is able to carry out the entire production process itself thanks to its broad range of manufacturing capabilities and its ideal infrastructure.

This includes, for example, the use of a large milling machine that enables the precise machining of the moulds. Alignment, marking or even the utilisation of positioning jigs for components are all implemented with the highest levels of precision.

Our operating material service

Custom machine engineering has a long tradition at the SCHÜTZ Group. The experienced developers at the company deliver innovative operating material solutions to contribute to the high-quality production of all components for the manufacturing of rotor blades. The required operating materials are developed and produced in-house.

Our own welding shop at the Siershahn site plus access to the impressive range of machinery from the SCHÜTZ Group's special machinery and tool making divisions ensure that all necessary auxiliaries and resources can be accessed swiftly and flexibly. This simplifies the entire process and significantly increases the quality of all components.


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