CORMASTER Engineered Honeycomb Cores


SCHÜTZ, a leading manufacturer of lightweight, aramid paper-based materials, produces more than just honeycomb cores and honeycomb panels. As a built-to-print supplier and working in close coordination with our customers, we also offer CORMASTER® aramid honeycomb cores in prefabricated variants. Using specialized processing methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture complete honeycomb core sub-structures that can be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ projects.

Honeycomb cores in customers’ individual specifications

Production in clean rooms for maximum cleanliness and quality

Which processes can be used to shape our CORMASTER® honeycomb cores to our customers’ individual specifications?

  • High-precision CNC cutters for 2-dimensional cutting
  • State-of-the-art 5-axis machining centres for 3-dimensional shaping by milling and drilling even on curved surfaces
  • Slotting robots for the efficient insertion of slots and drainage channels
  • Slicing to combine different honeycomb types in one component
  • Automated panel potting, where honeycombs are filled with different materials
  • Insertion of reinforced screw points or openings directly into the honeycomb material
  • Large-scale autoclave and high-performance forming furnaces for permanent moulding
  • Customised compilation of honeycomb panels into honeycomb sets for individual one-off projects, such as those often required in yacht building
  • Production in clean rooms for maximum cleanliness and quality

What types of CORMASTER® honeycombs can be used to manufacture engineered cores?

For the customized production of finished components and substructures, we can draw on our complete product range: our high-performance lightweight material CORMASTER® is available in material types C1, C2 and CN1 and consists of a variety of NOMEX® and KEVLAR® specialty papers from DuPontTM in combination with special phenolic resins. The aramid honeycomb core is optimally configured for the specific application – with hexagonal or overexpanded cells in widths from 3.2 mm to 9.6 mm and a density from 20 kg/m3 to 144 kg/m3. Multiple honeycomb types can also easily be combined in one component.

What are the advantages of customizing CORMASTER® engineered honeycombs?

SCHÜTZ manufactures honeycomb panels and honeycomb blocks in a wide variety of customized configurations. We can offer the ideal construction material for almost all applications. Sometimes, the ideal solution for a specific application is a combination of different honeycomb types.

For these purposes, SCHÜTZ offers a choice of products, e.g. bonded honeycomb cores. Especially in three-dimensionally curved components that are exposed to high mechanical loads, it is crucial that the honeycombs do not collapse during draping into the final geometry and that the outstanding mechanical properties are retained. For this reason, SCHÜTZ offers thermoformed honeycombs that are thermally shaped using a very gentle process. The honeycomb structure remains intact and stable. These formed honeycombs can then be shaped to the required geometry by 3-dimensional milling to further optimize the accuracy of the fit.


Areas of application for thermally formed and milled cores

Thermally formed and milled core materials are used, for example, in:

  • Engine cowlings in the aerospace industry
  • 3-dimensionally curved components, e.g. aerodynamic fairings or landing gear doors in commercial aircraft

Areas of application for brazed honeycombs

Brazed honeycombs are used, for example, in:

  • Aerospace applications
  • Acoustics applications

Areas of application for flat milled honeycombs

Flat milled core materials are used, for example, in:

  • Flat cladding components
  • Flat structural components
  • 2-dimensional curved components in conjunction with overexpanded honeycombs
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